Grower & Producer


Xristos Panos was born and raised in Stylia, Corinth. He is the youngest decent in many generations of farmers and growers in the Panou family. The long history and experience he carries, gives him the ability and opportunity to combine tradition and past elements of growing along with technology, science and studies’ results in order to get the best outcome in extra virgin olive oil production.

Grower and producer of a rather small olive grove, which primarily covers the olive oil needs of the family and secondary as a income resource, Xristos Panou is mainly focused on the quality of the olive oil. His primary goal is to produce a superior, nutritious, tasty and extra virgin olive oil, using the most gentle and nature friendly methods of growing, starting from growing the olive trees, until the harvest and pressing. These methods include: the hand picking of the fruit, the immediate transfer of the crop in the oil mill for processing, the cold pressing of olives, regular analysis and evaluation of olive oil, careful packaging and storage of the extra virgin olive oil produced..

Apart from extra virgin olive oil, Xristos Panos also grows and produces the famous currants (Corinthian black raisins / sun dried grapes), grapes and persimmons.