The Olive Oil


The extra virgin olive oil that we offer is produced directly and solely from olives and processed using only mechanical methods. It comes from the family olive groves that Xristos Panos grows, located at the highlands of Corinth, at a small village called Stylia.

The harvest is done by hand picking of olives in order not to injure or under strain the fruit along and the processing is completed within a few hours after that. In the village’s oil mill, all leaves and stems are cleared and we wash the olives in cold water. Then they are processed by cold pressing while no chemicals or solvents are used. The term “cold pressed” means that at in all stages of the extraction process, the temperature is always below 27C degrees Celsius.

Thus, the extra virgin olive oil we get out of the mill retains all its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. The olive oil is then carefully bottled and stored, in conditions which ensure that the extra virgin olive oil will remain fresh, tasty and nutritious as the first day of production. The combination of experience and tradition that is passed from generation to generation and the use of the most modern and scientific methods, allows us finally to produce an extra virgin olive oil that contains all the beneficial substances and vitamins for a healthy diet while maintaining the aroma and excellent olive oil flavor.


panou extra virgin olive oil bottles