Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As extra virgin olive oil is defined the olive oil which its acidity does not exceed 0.8% (less than 0.8 grams per 100 grams). It must be obtained directly and only from olives and produced using exclusively mechanical means. No use of chemicals or solvents is permitted during the process. Usually it stands out for its taste, flavor and aroma.
Xristos Panou is a small scale grower and producer of extra virgin olive oil, located at Stylia, a small village at the highlands of Corinth, Greece. Xristos is the one that makes sure that in every stage from the olives' growing and harvest to the olive oil production, nothing will compromise the quality, nutritional value and taste of the extra virgin olive oil that will reach the final consumer.
Additionally, the usage of human hands only to harvest the olives, the cold extraction (cold press) just hours after their harvest, the carefully packaging and storage, give the particular olive oil characteristics comparable to other premium olive oil brands.

Olive Oil Benefits

The most known benefits of olive oil is its nutritious value. Extra virgin olive oil s the main ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, which is considered one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Olive oil is one of the best sources of monounsaturated fats that can help in several health issues, like lowering the bad cholesterol & blood pressure, prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and oxidative damages, help cognitive function and improve learning and memory. The olive oil benefits have been known since ancient times; Homer calls olive oil "liquid gold", while Hippocrates refers to it as "the best medicine". Finally, it is worth to mention also the cosmetic results it delivers, for instance when olive oil is used as a hair conditioner.

Stylia village

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Enjoying Olive Oil

The ways we can enjoy the extra virgin olive oil are too many and the recipes available even more.
Raw, we can use it in salads, soups, rice, beans, pasta. Also, used in a dressing (i.e. with lemon) for fish and meats, grilled or boiled.
Cooked, adds extra flavor and delicious taste to all the red and white sauces, in beans, stewed vegetables and all kind of meat, etc.
Finally, extra virgin olive oil is often found as an ingredient in desserts such as various recipes for cookies or cakes.


"I 've tried the Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Christos Panou at my holidays in Santorini and I was amazed. I asked the restaurant if I could have an extra bottle of liquid paradise to take back home! All my friends loved it and agreed with my choice, as the best memory you can actually bring back and still stimulate all your senses! You should try it, too!"
Itsuki Kobayashi - Osaka, Japan

Cold pressing and ..more

Years of experience and tradition, hand-picking the olive fruit and cold pressing seems to make the difference..

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